A water fountain…per il tuo sedere (for your butt).

A water fountain…per il tuo sedere (for your butt).

This is a topic that has been on my mind for awhile and I’m going to note that it might be a bit awkward to share, but it has been a real eye-opener. The subject of this post may also be a bit misleading, but I assure you it will all make sense.

One of the things that I’m still struggling to understand is why in America do we not have a device to clean our nether region? I only say this after having used a high-quality bidet (or should I say a household staple) for the first time when visiting Italia, but have yet to see one in the United States (besides in very fancy homes). I told you this post would be a bit awkward to share, but I don’t think anyone knows clean like they do over in parts of Europe, the Middle East, South America or Japan for that matter.


I will say that growing up, when I learned about what the bidet was there was always a very grotesque face made by others when talking about them. But, why is something disgusting when it gets you super clean? I took my experimentation to the next level. During my first day in Italia, I sat down on a bidet for a new experience.

How does one bidet you might ask? Well, it’s simple. You do your business, and then you take care of business. Starting with sitting on the bidet. You sit backwards on it, opposite how you might sit on the potty. You turn on the water flow with either the hot or cold knobs (it’s wonderful to have options for those colder days), you grab some soap (NOT just any soap, but a gentle and safe wash like Saugella) and you gently cleanse. Saugella in Italia is the equivalent to “Summers Eve” brands here in the U.S. They are “safe” PH balanced washes for your secret areas. After a full rinse, grab a towel and pat yourself dry. That’s basically it, folks.

Let’s just say that after this, I pretty much (insert new made up verb) “bidet’ed” after every visit to the bagno (bathroom) in Italy.


After you are all cleaned up, you grab the towel next to the bidet and dry yourself off in order to carry on with your day. That clean feeling is surprising. So surprising, that I really wondered HOW…HOW HAVE I LIVED WITHOUT THIS MY ENTIRE LIFE? I think back to baby wipes…and no, this does not get the job done like a bidet. Reality hit when I realized that my relatively normal sized bathroom in NYC would never have room for a secondary precious porcelain throne. I felt like this was hygienic devastation until a family friend had what I’d like to call a “make shift” bidet in his apartment. Yes folks, in America you can find something that can get the job done. For about $35 on Amazon you can get a bidet attachment for your toilet at home. The answer to complete cleanliness is available with the click of a button and delivered right to your door.

I was so fascinated with this attachment, that he and his wife gifted this to us as a housewarming present. Thank you both, again! Although ours is not the same as the one pictured above, it works and it’s a conversation piece when we have guests over for dinner.

I am not ashamed, nor do I wince at the thought of a bidet anymore. I hope that I will never have to go without this “new found” luxury again. I also asked friends and family to send photos of their bidets from Italy, because it’s only natural that one would talk about this.

A fun fact, because we are talking about “cleanliness”, but the bidet has a second use… washing your feet! It’s normal to get your feet nice and clean before you get into bed at night. However, keeping the feet clean is something that we will save for another post.


Con una nuova fontana di acqua e sapone (with a new water fountain and some soap),





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  • La tua riflessione sull’uso del bidet e’ davvero interessante e spiritosa. Non potrei vivere senza il mio bidet!

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