New Year, Better Me…and More Be Come Italia

New Year, Better Me…and More Be Come Italia


Ciao amici! Yes, I know we are two weeks into the new year and that it has been a large amount of time since I have posted on here. The truth is it’s hard and maybe I just didn’t feel as creative lately as I wanted to be. I struggled a lot with wanting to figure out specific topics to write about and having enough content and photos of Italy to post… but I realized that I do not need every post to be solely about everything that is across the ocean from me. I have Italy in my life everyday in my heart, even when I walk outside to skyscrapers and yellow cabs, I still find myself rooted in an understanding of an Italian-style life that I live here in the Big Apple. I know that I will not get to pass a vineyard of grapes or a 2000 year old Roman bridge just hanging out, but I do get to keep many special cultural aspects of Italia in my home.

2018 was a very special year and I although my two trips to Italia were not documented on this blog, I had the chance to travel to many other wonderful places including: Canada, London, California, The Hamptons, Maine and more. I really love traveling and would honestly would do it for a career if I could. I’m thankful that I’ve had the ability to go to many places and try new experiences. Through traveling I’ve learned a lot of life lessons and I’m excited to see where I go in 2019, even though I know that Italy is already on the list 🙂



This past year was also memorable because I turned 30 – yep 30. Dun. dun. dun. I was really not excited for this shift out of my twenties and had many fears that as soon as the clock struck midnight that I would turn into some type of old pumpkin. How silly. I did find that I’m not alone in my skepticism of embarking on another decade, but what I found is that when I approached 30 with a different mindset, I was excited. I know that although some of my greatest moments of growth and events happened in my 20’s, my 30’s might possibly end up as some of the best years in my life. With gained wisdom and knowledge, I’m looking forward to new adventures and more responsibility. It’s definitely a challenge and embracing that I’m looking forward to.



Some of my resolutions from last year were to get a promotion at work (check), take Italian language learning more seriously (check), get into a gym routine that I actually enjoyed (check, thank you spinning and yoga), cook more (check – grazie Roby for my new gelato and ravioli maker), practice self-care and adopt a skin care routine (check – maybe a slight obsession), travel  (double check) and blog more (senza check). I can say that I accomplished almost all of these, just not so much the blogging – but I’m okay with that. Instead of looking at so-called “failed” resolutions, I really look at my wins as big wins because one thing that I have also been focusing on is being easy on myself. I can’t do it all, so at least having the ability to give myself credit for trying is another positive in my book.

really love taking classes again, especially because they involve a small group of people who love Italy like I do. It’s my one night a week where I can push myself to be better than the last week and see how far I have come in la bella lingua. It’s two hours of being fully immersed in a language with a community of people and I wish that I could be in this class every night. Until we hopefully live in Italy, I will continue to take these classes so that I can perfect my Italian and just enjoy learning (didn’t think I would ever miss school, but here I am admitting it).



This year I really am going to actively try to write more in this blog and expand my topics just a little bit wider. Right now, I am living in one of the best cities in the world and I want to be able to share pieces of New York City and how my Italian-inspired life fits into the hustle and bustle of the city life. I want to cover everything from food (of course food), beauty, travel and general tips and tricks. I’d also love to hear what you would like to see more of! I love the small community of bloggers that I have come across through Instagram, Twitter and the world wide web and this small outlet really helps me flex my creativity. Here’s to more adventure, more growth and the most important, more love!


Con uno spritz in mano, salute 2019…

Ciao for now!







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